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Getting Old


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I'm glad I'm not the only one who looks like crap as I get older.

I recently netflix'd the latest season of Dexter. There was an older corrupt cop on the episode that looked like a slimy lounge lizard. It wasn't until a few episodes in that I realized, "Hey, that's Buckaroo Bonzai", (You might know him better as RoboCop). If you've ever noticed, I've quoted Buckaroo Bonzai in my tagline for years.

Sad... Very sad.

Where are we going?


When are we going?

Real Soon!

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There was a twin study many years ago that found that aging is 22% genetic, and the rest a result of environmental factors. (No not global warming.) What you put into your body, how you exercise, think, relate to the world, and really what you put it through positively and negatively affects it quite a bit. Pretty much we can speed up and slow down the aging process.

Interestingly science is starting to catch up here. There was a recent news story about solving the issue of grey hair. They have already successfully taken mice that had turned grey, and put them back to full color.

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