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Hello From Northern Illinois!


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Hi everyone. This site looks very good. I have just started out in the vending world. I have 2 accounts already at a local train station near my home. Grossing around $500 a month there. I wanted to ask you guys a few questions as I am looking to expand..


1. What do you guys think about targeting Dr's offices, Chiro offices, Salons, Tanning facilities, Gyms, Nail Salons, Libraries for a "healthy vending" concept?


2. What is the best way to find new locations? Cold call, walk in, buy out old locations, advertise?


3. How much can I expect to make if I put in 40-50 hours a week at this?


4. Do you guys buy insurance for you machines?


5. Is accepting credit cards worth it?


Thanks for the help ahead of time! 



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currently i dont do soda snack but all my answers have come from reading this forum

so read the back posts and you will lean a lot

also post this in the bevarage and food vending section of this forum and you might get a better response

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