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Fellow Vendstar3000 Operator Stealing


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So I went to collect on my bulk candy machines yesterday, and when I arrived on one location, the amount of money inside the machine was WAY less then it should of been.  Since it's the first service of the machine, and I always put in "1 bag of candy per canister" during the initial drop off, I know pretty much how much candy it should look like vs. how much money is in the machine.


Problem is, when I arrived, I should of had about $30 worth of quarters (in 2 months time, so nothing great, nothing horrible).  I actually had $3.25.  So it's clear something fishy is going on.  The machine wasn't tampered with, and the vendstar is brand new (well it set in a box for 3-4 years from the person I bought it from, but it was never even put together before me).


The only thing I could think of is, there is another vendstar3000 I put my machine next to, and they might of "just happened" to have a key and either intentionally or accidentally took the money out.


They used a different MADE UP cancer charity, so they seem to not be totally ethical, and they didn't have a phone number or anything on the machine.  What should I do?


I could put a different machine in (I have a 1800 sitting in the garage, also a random no brand machine).  I could just pull my machine out.  I could leave a note.  I could take the money out of their machine.  Seems like I have a ton of options.


My thought:  I was thinking of taping a note on the back of their machine (where the money access cover is), make sure it's a small note so no one else can see it, and just "taking it from there."  I also planned on changing the locks on my machine (which I have a million extras of).  Also I made sure when I put my machine on location that we didn't offer any of the "same" candy.  He has runts, MMs, skittles.  I have MI, HT, PMM there.  So he might be upset I joined his location, but at least I didn't offer the same candy he does.


What do you guys think?

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H is right, get your own codes

If they are the factory locks the vendstar only made 2 keys for the tops and about 12 for the back

Same goes for the 1800's I think there were nine different key codes made

All easily obtainable from eBay. Invest in some with you own code and start with the highest risk places first

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Yep, get you own keys made.

Any machine with stock factory keys can be taken over.

anything from bulk up to 10.000.00 vendors.

no serious vending manufactor expects you to keep the stock locks,

those are for shipping only. and those biz app people never told their clients.

so many still used their factory keys, I learned this the hard way with my panty hose machines, someone saw my machines and decided to use them like thiers,

only I put in the hose, and they took the money. Sounds like you have a silent partner.

get your own new locks. course, that's what I did and 4 of my machines went bye bye thou

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