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Can someone decifer this route for me?


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I know what a franchise is but this confuses me. " excellent franchisor support make this business a winner for someone who does not want to sit around waiting for walk-in customers*."


"Franchisor looks after all the sites."  What is there to look after if I'm servicing the machines?



My first guess is that this is one of those healthy vending biz ops and either the franchisee wants to sell or this is a route the franchisor has built and is now trying to sell their biz op this way.

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This might also be a vending management account where the vendor owns the machines but doesn't hold the contract and is simply operating their machines at the pleasure of the management company.

It would be beneficial to the forum if you would inquire and ask them to explain the "franchisor oversight" and who the franchise company is. You could then do us all a favor by informing us of the situation since this type of ad is showing up in different cities. The seller might not want to disclose the franchisor but they should be willing to disclose if it's a healthy vending franchise or something else.

It does smell of healthy vending as they brag that their machines will sell drinks, snacks and cold food.

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