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Any suggestion concerning product mix in my Vendo 721 would be appreciated.

Placed in lunchroom of white collar mortgage call center.  150 employee's.

These products are selling:

Coke 12 oz can .75

Diet Coke 12 oz can  .75

Ginger Ale 12 oz can  .75

Sprite 12 oz can  .75

Dr. Pepper 12 oz can  .75

Mountain Dew 12 oz can  .75

H2o 16 oz bottle  .75

These products are not selling:

Orange Juice 15.2 oz bottle 1.40

Apple Juice 15.2 oz bottle  1.40

Gatorage Tropical Punch 20 oz bottle  1.25





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I've had requests for Orange Juice but given the short shelf life I won't stock it in my machines.  For a call center, I'd go with the Monsters - maybe both the green and the blue,

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