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New Location - Coffee Questions


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Hello All,


This is my first post - awesome resource here!

I'm about to close on a new account.. ok it's just my 2nd account ever but I ran a large factory for 5 years in the past. I've never sold coffee.


New account details:

Tech/ manufacturing 120 staff

60 white collar upstairs (engineering)

20 white collar and 40 blue collar down (manufacturing)

I already have the Snack/ Soda negotiated and expect $1000/ month +

There is free coffee upstairs and down (staff has to make it. Folgers, coffee mate etc..)


I'm leaning towards providing a Keurig on each floor and Vending K-cups.

I doubt the company will stop providing free coffee, so this would be just as an alternative.

I'll already be on location doing the snack soda so it's very little extra effort to add..


What are your thoughts?

Do I offer coffee at all? 

Is the K-cup vending idea a good one?

Is there profit to be made? Estimates?

What if I could have them remove the free coffee?


I've seen machines like these but have never seen much vendor feedback:





Any input would be helpful



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Well that's true.. This eskimo would happily pay for premium ice, but I am a special snowflake.

The prevailing wisdom on these boards is to stick with snack/ soda and avoid coffee and frozen food unless asked.

I know how one sizes up a snack/ drink account by demographics and numbers - but I'm not so sure what makes a killer coffee account

(Aside from no free coffee  :blink: )

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Office coffee service is what you can call it and you can sell them the products they are giving away, saving them the time it takes for them to purchase, stock and service the machines.

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I love my coffee and I love K Cups. I would pay for it versus the free junk that somebody probably makes weaker than hell. I'm sure there are workers there that feel the same way.

Now as for the vending side, I would buy 2" capsule machines from NW or A&A and put them in the capsules. Then I would put the Keurigs in no charge. You could pit them in your snack machine too if they will work.

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