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I'm in the middle of nowhere in Australia. If that was mine I'd repair it.

Because the repair is out of sight at the rear of the shelf, just cut a piece of sheet steel or aluminium the width of the shelf and about 6" wide. Layup to bottom of shelf, mark and cut out the shelf connector area from the sheet. Use superglue to hold the broken pieces back in place, the apply contact adhesive to rear 5" of shelf bottom and what will be top of repair plate, When tack dry mate repair plate to bottom of shelf gently (make sure not to break out superglued sections. When mated press together starting at damaged ( superglued ) sections. Use a small drill to drill holes in the plastic and repair plate, then use small self tapping screws to provide a mechanical joint (through plastic into metal plate). Screws should be along the same line as the motors at rear of shelf, and within the 1st coil of the spirals to avoid interfering with product. File tips of screws underneath tray if they are too long and likely to cause a problem.


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