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Vinyl wrapping on site....


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13 minutes ago, ABCVending said:

So I have a number of bottledrops at various locations - mostly DN 5591's & a couple of 2145's.

One 5591 in particular had an UGLY door - looks like it had been painted with a rattle can of Krylon - didn't lay it down smooth, lot of over spray, etc.

The machine is in a public location in a business that was grumbling about appearances - armed with information off this site and youtube videos I decided to try and wrap that ugly-golpher door with some vinyl wrap I got off of Fleabay.

Long story short - took me about 2 hrs to completely disassemble the door, apply the wrap, re-assemble the door - everything appeared to be functioning normally, so stocked the machines, cleaned everything up, and as I was preparing to leave, decided to check and clear errors on the DN before I left - that's when I found out the selection membrane had been damaged in my fumbling around and the *, 0 & clear keys no longer worked......

2 choices - walk over to the bar and start day-drinking in earnest, take off and steal another membrane out of one of my other machines at  another, slower account....

Robbed Peter to pay Paul - took the defective part and swapped it at another locations (1st disabled all selections that were affected) - got the wrapped machine up and running and was able to grab another part from my shop and swap out the other machine the next day.

Getting pretty good and taking these bottle drop doors apart - think I should have the Mission Impossible theme music playing in the earbuds while I am tearing them apart....NOT THE RED WIRE!!!!

2hr project turned into about 4 1/2 hrs but looks pretty good, and I aint a-scairt to try it again.




Looks good

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13 hours ago, Vendworx said:

Where did you purchase the wrap from for the machine I may try this

Amazon - DIYAH 4D Black Carbon Fiber Vinyl Wrap Sticker with Air Release Bubble Free anti-wrinkle (84" x 60" / 7FT x 5FT)

$23.00 Shipped - enough for three of the bottle drop doors.




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