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Vendo Vue 40 calibration error

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I have vendo vue 40 with a 

2 calibration fail. Talked to vendo techs. They say maybe an x motor or main board fail.

The cup will not go to the very left column items missing the reflectors on the 10-50 columns.

Is it an x motor fail?

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18 hours ago, Snickers said:

Get rid of that machine it will give you headaches and cost you more than it's worth. 


The only good Vendo Vue machines are operated by my competitors. 

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  • 2 months later...

I understand these machines have a bad rap but I bought them so cheap( $600). I finally fixed all my issues. I realized the y- motor needed to be a specific part # because not all y- motors are the same. Also i figured that the x- motor was not working correctly because the plastic tab that holds the x motor onto the carriage was broken. Like a fool I forced the x motor onto the rail instead of pulling the tracks like 4 inches and then pushing the carriage in. So I believe i have this machine figured out as I have 3 of them and so far they have made me lots of money. All glassfront soda machines have problems. You just have to know how to maintain them.


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9 hours ago, 57thTom said:

Is this the newest version of the Vendo Vue?  https://www.vendoco.com/ggfv-glass-front

For all the bad press Vendo Vue gets, how could Vendo Sanden let it just sit as a bad machine?

That is Vendos newest glassfront. Pepsi sent us one instead of a bevmax. In the first 2 months there were 6 service calls on it. So basically another piece of junk

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