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Ice on soda Chute

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My wife noticed this on the chute of our vendo 511 while she was filling today.  The machine is cooling and working just fine as far as we can see.  Is this cause for concern?  I had her check to make sure the door flap is closing all the way and it is.  It has been warmer here and slightly humid lately.

Anything else I can besides chip it off and wait for it to build back up again and chip it off again.  When I have a chance I'll check all the seals over real well.  Vending machine mechanics are not her forte (well mine neither)




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I have seen that happen when the evap coil under the chute freezes over. When that block of ice gets large enough to touch the bottom of the chute it will transfer ice to the chute. Are you sure your compressor is shutting off? Could be a bad cold control. Can you check the temp inside machine? Should be around 40 defrees

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