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Identify this machine


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Hi from Canada

I was looking to buy used machines and came across this one (see image). There are lots of them offered for sale locally (used) but I can not find any information about who manufactures them and if they are any good. Machines are not cheap but supposedly accept cards and all new canadian bills and have remote monitoring etc...


Does anybody know anything about these machines? Any info are greatly appreciated.



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It appears to be a USI machine with a SM6 logic board in it based on the possible blue display. The machine isn't powered up to see the display color but the door and control panel looks like USI. You need to get a model number from the seller.

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8 minutes ago, Vitaly said:

Are those considered to be good machines?

USI machines are usually "good" but that doesn't necessarily mean that the machine in the picture is a good find.  You really REALLY need to know what the model number is.  What's odd is that the door lock is on the right, but a lot of USI machines that I am familiar with have the lock on the left.  The keypad and coin insert look very similar to certain generations of USI machines but there could be some foreign import too.  The thing I would say is this: if experienced vendors can't recognize what machine it is or at least get a really good idea of what it is, then there's a good chance it's because it's a foreign imported machine and not recommended to fool around with, regardless of the price.  USI has manufactured all kinds of odd birds before though so it could be one of their babies which would be "good" to know but not necessarily make it a good find.

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