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vendo 721 blue refresh question


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actually three questions if anyone has one of these.

I'm looking at the picture, it doesn't look like it has a space for a CC reader. Can you install something like a nayax fusion?

Also I emailed vendo, but didn't get a response. Just wanted to check to make sure the machines was 31" deep, anyone know? (says it in their tech specs, but I see conflicting stuff on other websites)

does the change come out near the dispense area?




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There is no place to mount a card reader unless you put it in the plexiglass. You can do a 4 way bezel if there is room to swipe a card. The coin return is where you see the yellow label in the delivery port.

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The curved "bubble" front adds an inch or so but it will eke thru a standard 34" doorway if there are no other obstructions.  You might have to take the (building) door off the hinges if it will not swing all the way clear.   Or you can "clamshell" the machine thru by opening the (machine) door and having a helper guide it while you move thru the doorway.  AZ is on point re the rest. 

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When ordered, you can select to have a second knockout for independent card reader.  There is also a kit available that comes with a template to cut the upper knockout from the lexan.  Your local distributor should have these available. 

The 721 Refresh is 35" deep.  The Flat door was 31" but was discontinued a few years ago. 


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