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Vending multiple items after one transaction


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This is my first week in the vending business. I’ve been waiting on a tech to help me troubleshoot the problem. If a customer buy one starburst three will come out. Do anyone have any suggestions I can do to fix it?

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Maybe your guaranteed delivery “drop” sensor is faulty but it’s still turned on and it doesn’t sense that a product has vended so it tries again. This should only try twice and then say “sold out” though.

Does it happen on all products? Or just one?

What type of coil are you using in the lane - is it a half turn (with a black bar through the center) or just a regular coil where it does a full rotation every time?

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so what type of machine is this? make? model? lets start with that, while were on this subject i have a USI 3130, now the issue is hopefully simple, i began hearing clicking sounds from the drop sensor, so i replaced it with a new one (red) old one (green) it came with a 4 pin connection, my board has a 15 pin connection, so i rewired the harness and sensors seem to be on, but don't seem to be working, i was able to find another set of sensors with a 15pin connection and hopefully that will do something, but as of now, the lights are flickering, and don't seem to be working, i even toggled the on and off for the sensors, and still the same, any ideas? do you think that the 15 pin is any different than the 4 pin i connected it to? btw, from the 15 pins on the board there are only 4 wires, i matched them with the new 4pin harness. any help would be appreciated.

also doe anyone have any motors for the USI 3130 or 3135? 

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