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Nayax Cash Only/National 157


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Hi Everyone,

I hope all is well. I have a pretty large size route-with multiple National 148's, 157s etc. I am experiencing a frustrating issue on one of them. I have a new Nayax VPOS touch on a National 157-and for some reason, it'll display "Cash Only" after a few days of working normally. If I toggle in and out of Service mode-it'll come back to service (RSSI is Great) and after a few days, I get a call from my account saying that it is saying cash only. What could be going on? The Bevmax right next to it has given me Zero Problems.

I know there are a few things that can be done under settings-to make sure it is MDB? I wanted some tips before I reach out to Nayax and order a new reader, presuming that this one is defective.

Thanks for the help!


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If the reader works at all, then I don't think anything is wrong with your machine settings.  It sounds like the reader is crapping out.  Try swapping the one with the bevmax and see if it follows the reader.  You might just need to adjust antenna

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