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Can't find correct relay for Vendo 721


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My vendo 721 - the compressor is not kicking on , machine not cooling, when plugged into machine power box. But when plugged directly into an extension cord it kicks on. So I was trying to swap out the relay. But I ordered a vendo 721 relay online and the one I received does not match up with the one in the machine. I called vendo tech support and read them my machine serial number. But the part number they gave me also does not match up (the photo of the relay looks different from mine). I tried to attach a photo but it was too big so I linked it to YouTube below. The one with 6 connections / pins that is not plugged in is the one I had already ordered online. I tried contacting VEII and ds vending with no help. Does anyone know where I can get this relay? thanks.


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2 hours ago, lacanteen said:

Here you go. It's the part number I got when I looked it up. The one you have is for an older machine


Thank you. I see that this one has 3 vertical connections and 1 horizontal connection, where it looks like my relay has 4 connections all facing in the same direction. Is it still the proper part and how would I know which connection goes on the horizontal connection?

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2 hours ago, cvending said:

Are you sure it is the relay. Have you checked the temp sensor?

I have not. What would be the proper way to check it? Is there an option in the service mode to have it read out the temp on the display screen? I know on my AMS machines I can press * to read temp and may USI machine can press 0 to read temp. Wasn't sure how to do that on this Vendo. Thanks.


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6 hours ago, AZVendor said:

You can use any vending refer relay such as Royal.  The all do the same thing.  One side is for the 5-24v signal and one is for the switched 110ac power.

Thank you sir appreciate the help. I am still a rookie in stuff like this so I am learning as I go.

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