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Where do you source your cans, Bottles / snacks?

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New to the business and have a small route, wondering where people in this thread purchase their bulk candy, snacks, cans from? I know Sam's and Costco are an obvious choice, and I also know that if your selling bottles it may be a good idea to contact a coca cola or Pepsi bottler and buy in wholesale quantity to save on bottled costs. 


You can buy bulk from "Candymachines.com" and also surprisingly Amazon has good deals sometimes on nerds gumballs in bulk. (they do well in my bulk triple heads)


Are there any other obvious wholesale sourcing options I have not discussed, or brought up already, here?


(Also and this is a big question of mine. I've seen popular Youtubers like Jamie Ibanez use "Vending.com" and purchase their AB10/500 model and their AB23/316)

Do you trust Vending.com and their machines? (They look like exact copies of "Slectivends" from Sams club)

Capture 324.JPG

Capture vend.JPG

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Vending.com is all Wittern/USI machines. Prices could be too high compared to other distribution channels. Snacks and drinks can be had from Sam's Club, Costco Business centers or some grocery stores (drinks). Bottlers will be the highest prices and they don't deliver to homes, or to anywhere for less than 20 cases normally.

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22 minutes ago, Vendotron said:

Ahh I see, So Selectivend is just a distributor but Witttern is the actual factory manufacturer. Thank you guys very much info is hard to find in the vending industry. For whatever reason.

Selectivend is a subsidiary of wittern, not a distributor.  It also goes by many other names such as USI, fawn, federal, fsi, and others.  Witter/USI are the "main" names.  One distributor may be selling selectivend whereas another may be selling USI.. even though they are of the same brands.  The distributors are independent companies though.

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