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Newbie/Vendo 324 Question


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Hello All! 

I am new to the vending business, and just recently purchased 11 locations with 16 machines. Most are older model machines and I'm trying to get familiar with their capabilities. I have one Vendo 324 soda machine and I'd like to convert 2-3 selections from 12oz cans to 16 oz cans (Monster, Bang, and/or Starbucks 16 oz Double Shot energy. Is this possible on this unit? If so, are there instructions on how to do this?

Sincere thanks!

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6 hours ago, AZVendor said:

Don't bother, it's too old.  If this is an example of what you bought you wasted your money.

Sorry, if what is an example of what I bought? Did you include an image, or are you just referring to the model as a waste of money??

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That is a very old machine so parts will be hard to find.  That machine was not built with 16 oz cans in mind so, IF it works, you'll need to set it up almost like a bottle for height of the package and like a can for diameter (side shim)

You can find the manual /setup guides for that unit under our support tab at vendoco.com.



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4 hours ago, AZVendor said:


This file link is not opening and gives an Adobe Acrobat error as all of your files used to do.  What is the fix?

Download to your computer, right click, open with, Adobe Acrobat Reader.

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