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Beverage Machine ID Help


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Hey I'm brand new to this and I came across someone selling a machine for really cheap and the refrigeration and everything is in working shape. I just want to try and get an ID on the model to make sure I can get parts etc when something breaks down. Anyone able to help ID with these couple pictures I was able to get from them? They also mentioned that it takes quarters only, I wasn't sure if that was due to the settings or parts I might have to change out to make it use other currency.



Vend 2.jpg

Vend 1.jpg

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On 4/23/2022 at 12:04 PM, AZVendor said:

First of all, pass on it as it's a 79" machine which is EXTREMELY HEAVY. Second, it's a Vendo 601 Univendor 2 which is older, has a variety of parts to set each column up and it's missing it's motor cover.  This is too complicated for a newbie and you would be peppering us with unending questions about it.  Not knowing anything about vending machines you need to make your first purchase a DN 368 single price machine and vend cans only.  That way you have the simplest machine and the lowest investment in the event you can't handle this business.

AZ, your knowledge is actually incredible. I am blown away by it. 


Just thought you would enjoy the compliment and recognition. 

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