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AP 113 Inone setting price credit card


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I have an AP113 snack machine with an Inone board with a credit card reader... When I set the prices I notices that prices are only setting for the Cash transactions it is not setting for Credit Card transactions... for example  when I push a selection price displays  are  Cash 1.00 , Credit .75, of course I missed it but I didn't see an option to synch up the prices in the instructions.

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I know this is sort of an old post but AngryChris is 100% right regarding inOne controllers.  Most AP 4/5/6/7000,110 and LCM kits have dual price.  Its very important to turn off dual price so as to not interfere with cash or card vends.  

Customers who want only a single price for each item in the machine should use only the first three menu items to set prices for a single product, an entire row or the entire machine. This includes card readers as well. The DP (Dual Price) menu sets optional prices for an item, row or machine typically used if cashless pricing is higher than standard pricing. If you use card readers , you want single tier pricing and then add the convenience fee on the backend of the card transaction. Any additional convenience fee for credit card use typically is set on the backend server for your particular cashless provider. Since all prices default to 99.95, dual pricing should be OFF by default. A customer can confirm dual pricing is off by viewing ENTIRE MACH DP price set to 99.95. The options in service mode to change or set prices are the following:

SINGLE PRODUCT – put cash/card pricing here

ENTIRE ROW – put cash/card pricing here

ENTIRE MACHINE – put cash/card pricing here

SINGLE PROD DP –do not use

ENTIRE ROW DP –do not use

ENTIRE MACH DP – confirm price set for $99.95

The fastest way to program an InOne board is set "entire machine" for the most common price first.  Then go up to "Entire Row" and price the entire tray, then go up to "single product" and price the odd selections and you're done.

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As a quick add on to Arnies reply:

If, like me, you live in a country that doesn't use 5c coin mechs, trying to change price to 99.95 will throw an 'invalid price' message.

To get around this, Power down machine, disconnect coin mech from MDB cable, power machine back up.

The board will now allow you to select 99.95 as valid.

Change DP value, then power down/reconnect coin mech/power back up.


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