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Vendo VUE 40 pdc upgrade


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I've been offered an extremely cheap VUE 40 which has a coin changer problem, which should be an easy fix.
However, I've no experience with these and people on youtube are talking about a PDC upgrade to make the machines more reliable.
I don't know if this machine has already had an upgrade, but if not I would want to upgrade it anyway if I get it.
Does anyone have an idea what the upgrade involves and a rough estimate of cost? (doing the work yourself of course 😉 )

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Don't take it.  Run away.  The picker hand is easily defeated and products are stolen from the machines.  This is why Pepsi got rid of all of theirs.  Vendo claims to have solved the problem but that is on later models.  Getting upgrade parts for it overseas could pose a problem.

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Haha, but it's almost free 😉
Get what you're saying, but theft is not really a concern at the location I have in mind.
Was the VUE 40 only sold in USA then? I've found a few for sale here in europe, and they're not ancient so I should be able to order stuff for it, hopefully...

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I should stay quiet but I am a gluten for punishment.  The Vue's hand was prone to getting coated in syrup when a drink popped and that aint good.

There is an update. It involves an eprom for the PDC and one for the VMC.  Depending on the age of the machine, you may also need a kit including some items to ground the rail.  

You need to know that the parts are very expensive now and getting even more so.  If you're a solid tech with patience, and time, you can keep it going but be prepared for flap, y-motor and hand issues.  I wouldn't own a Vue (or any glassfront) without replacement parts at the ready. 

In today's market, there is a reason you're getting it "almost free". 


All that said, if you decide to take on the project, feel free to ask for troubleshooting advice. 


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Thanks Mike.
I picked the machine up last night and just dumped it in the workshop, haven't powered it up or anything yet.
It ended up being completely free 😉
The guy I got it from doesn't know anything about vending machines, it has an error on the top tray and the coins fall straight through he says, and it was just in the way in his fitness centre so he wanted rid.
I'll probably have a play with it at the weekend.
Are you talking about soldering an eprom to the existing board or a board replacement?
And do you mean the upgrade parts are expensive, or just parts in general?


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Ah right, so easier than I thought, but more expensive than I thought haha
Hopefully it's had the upgrade already, that would be a nice bonus, we'll see, thanks 😉

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