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Dixie Narco 501e red light


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Hello all, this is my first posting in the group. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.  Here's my quick story:


For some reason I am receiving a red light on one of my selections. I took all of the product out and restock it. The light went out for a second, but it came back on. It’s giving the indication it’s sold out of this selection, but it’s full. I am unable to purchase from this selection, the rest of the selections works, but this one. What gives?


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You don't have the column set right to satisfy the sold out light.  Set your rear column spacer to be even top to bottom and to give you 1/2" of space at the front with product pushed back against the spacer bar. It's easiest to take out all but the bottom three rows and then adjust the rear bar, just make it even top to bottom when you adjust it. There should be a 1/2" gap between the front product and the depressed sold out paddle.

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