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Bevmax 5591


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Make sure you have at least the vertical sponges in your drain pan.  You can also wire in a heated drain pan if needed.  If the door gasket is shot then you might not be able to solve this.  Also make sure all the holes in the side panel where the wires come through are filled with pliable mastic.

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Is it the pan or is there ice build up on the evaporator?

We've successfully used generic gasket material from HD or Lowes to reseal 5591's so that might be an option.   Just poke around the heating/ac area and you can find something that will work.

Usually if there is a lot of water on the floor (for us) it has been because a chunk of ice built up on the evap and then through power outage or maintenance unplugging the machine the ice melts and drains to the floor - obviously shouldn't be ice build up to begin with....but sometimes it happens because of a leaky cabinet.

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