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What to clean beavers with?

blu Vending

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I use windex and paper towels to clean the machines. It is good for cleaning metal, plastic, just about anything and it leaves the acrylic sides/globe crystal clear. To my knowledge it won't really damage anything.

Can someone explain the wax thing to me - you put wax on the globes? Why? What kind of wax? That doesnt obscure them or leave streaks?

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There are several products that you can pick up an an auto parts store or Walmart that will clean Lexan clear plastic. If your globes get scuff marks or slightly discolored then try some. Mguires makes on that I use. It's called PlastX. It does an Ok job.

Have you ever seen an automobile with yellowed headlights?  Notice that they are plastic.  The Lexan plastic has had a chemical reaction with something else. Most likely phosphates in common dish liquid for example.  Be careful what you clean with. While dish liquid is good on dishes it wrecks havoc on clear hard plastic.  That's why you see tons of car wash soap at stores. No phosphates.(Sorry, Didn't mean to get on a trail here.)

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