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Life's issues

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I have been MIA recently, but that is because unfortunately my Father has passed away.

He had been having some issues, including a hip replacement surgery, then an emergency surgery on his colon. We were worried he may not make it during the emergency surgery, but was recovering fairly well. About 3 weeks later when we thought he was over the hump, he was headed to physical therapy in the rehab clinic he was recovering in, became dizzy, and collapsed.

I was already hard at work, trying to take care of his house, while preparing him for his move from the rehab clinic to an assisted living facility.

Now I am trying to get his affairs in order, and am finding a little more of a mess then I had hoped. In fact in a quirk of fate, my father was a personal representative on another estate, and for me to finish with my Fathers estate, I now am having my lawyer set me up to take over to close this estate before I would be able to finish and close my Fathers estate.

Another problem is that my Father knew exactly where everything he needed was, and failed to tell anyone else where he put anything. And have been very surprised that he has kept every single receipt, statement, pay stub, tax record, and any other document of any kind and type that he has ever received in his adult life. And unfortunately not in any sort of order. (Did he really need to keep the car insurance records for cars he got rid of in the early 70's?)

I haven't stopped moving in over a month, and will be taking the first 3 days off next week for R&R, then it will be back to work. I got a lot done, but there is still too much to do.

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Thanks for the kind words everyone, and sorry for bringing the group down.

I am getting out of town for a couple of days this week, but when I get back I expect to spend 3 full days trying to empty everything out of the house. Can't believe how much we have already taken out, and how much is still left.

It's not fun going through all of my Fathers stuff. It just adds to the stress level, and keeps everything on my mind. But my relationship with my Brother has never been better.

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