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  • Coke at Sam's
    Coke at Sam's
    Thanks for voulenteering to bring soda for the TVF cookout Cajun! ;)
  • Coke at Sam's
    Coke at Sam's
    I have seen these at Costco business
  • DN 276E sensor
    DN 276E sensor
    1999 AZ!
  • DN 276E sensor
    DN 276E sensor
    That's the DEX plug for hand held computers.  This is probably an old Coke machine as they are the ones that used the external DEX ports for their route drivers.  That's all it is.
  • Fifty cent coin along with silver quarter
    Fifty cent coin along with silver quarter
    Fifty cent pieces will jam up any coin mech.  If the coin chute allows them to fit then you are always susceptible to getting them.  Some snack machines have an adjustable plate on the co...

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