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The featured file for April is an assortment of soda machine labels. This file, submitted by vendcobros, is one of our most popular files and includes high quality, printable labels for popular brands like Pepsi, Mountain Dew, Dr. Pepper and more. Download It!




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  • Tmp 20140418 150421 561900867
    Tmp 20140418 150421 561900867
    Cool man. Now we must see how they hold up! Wondering how many bags of chips you'll be able to fit per slot. Seems like going 6 slots vs 9 slots may be  better. Like the design regardless! 
  • Tmp 20140416 195042631224091
    Tmp 20140416 195042631224091
    This is a machine I currently have at a Laundry mat in the ghetto.  It's been there for a while I just uploaded it to show what could be installed to keep people from breaking into your machines
  • 2014 03 19 11.55.38
    2014 03 19 11.55.38
    Lol... They are pretty good I must admit.. I think I paid 8 dollars with a chicken as protein.... Better than a fast food salad... For sure..
  • 2014 03 19 11.55.38
    2014 03 19 11.55.38
    Hmm. Those salads looked good as hell when I was there like a few months ago. Might as well be a store at that point lol.
  • 2014 03 19 11.55.38
    2014 03 19 11.55.38
    yes farmers fridge.... and think it was claremont.... The only other one iv'e seen is in downtown Chicago. It was a Touchscreen one... To my knowledge Jofemar doesn't import touchscreens to the US,...

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