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  • $800 fill up
    $800 fill up
    I wish.
  • $800 fill up
    $800 fill up
    Time to park that RV!
  • Gas prices in Louisiana
    Gas prices in Louisiana
    Wow, nice! Its $3.79/$3.89/$3.99 here.
  • 20140718 140857
    20140718 140857
    They pulled a fast one on her putting the 91 button 1st :) At least your not from California where 87 pretty much stays around $4  a gallon!
  • 20140703 114443
    20140703 114443
    I don't leave any trash behind at any of my locations. The Coca-Cola man at my place of employment left his boxes on floor in lunch room, I called and reported the driver on it. He never...

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