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  • 20141024 132203
    20141024 132203
    I once had numerous requests at one of my accounts asking for granola bars... I put them in, and I didn't sell any. ;)Have you tried the Diet Cherry Pepsi yet? Did you sell any? I've begun to under...
  • Coke At Sam's Club
    Coke At Sam's Club
    Thanks for the heads up! :)If only we had a Sam's Club in Oregon. :(
  • Scouting Out the gators
    Scouting Out the gators
    Sorry Rodney! Too small for that! Need at least a six footer. cajun
  • Scouting Out the gators
    Scouting Out the gators
    Looks like dinner!!! 
  • Cajun Seasoning
    Cajun Seasoning
    Now that's some potent stuff you've got there!

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