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  1. I absolutely understand the frustration and the deep desire to see a person like this being brought to justice but I personally can't justify spending alot of time on these types of situations (I have never had another vendor do this to me but I have had locations/customers vandalize equipment plenty of times). Time is in short supply for all of us in this business and I am not going to let some low life operator to dictate how I use mine if I can help it. I would put my efforts into getting him booted because ultimately that will cost him far more than a fine or a small claims suit. Again, if the location doesn't help you on this then you are better off moving on to greener pastures. PS. Don't retaliate....just like in football the guy who throws the second punch always gets flagged.
  2. Unless you expressly state in your contract that the location is monetarily responsible for vandalism you are usually left holding the bag. You can ask them for reimbursement and they may help you out but most companies see this as the vendor's responsibility. Sit down with management there and explain that their employees saw this guy damaging your property and you want him kicked out. No reasonable business people would expect you to put up with vandalism to your equipment, especially in their break area, so if they refuse to act then I would cut bait and run. If you repair it and they don't kick him out then what will prevent him from doing it again? Honestly I am not getting why they have two vendors in there in the first place. Was he unable to give them the service they wanted? If so why is he still there competing with you? Finally I know you can call the cops or sue but that is more time and possible expense for you. Unless this is an real powerhouse location I wouldn't waste much more time with the situation.
  3. Oak is still in business but they only sell refurbished machines at this time. They are slow getting back to people sometimes. Take a look at Eagle ( http://www.eagleemc.com/#!__machines) as well. They are great machines and most of their parts are interchangeable with Oak machines. I agree with Bill when he tells you to buy used locally if possible. If there is nothing used available then Eagle is a cost effective new machine alternative.
  4. i saw in one of your other posts that you have one restaurant that accounts for about $30K of that $60K monthly. Definitely a powerhouse account. Are you guys running primarily redemption games or video games in that restaurant?
  5. I've tried it twice and both were bust. I begrudgingly did it as a request from the owners using an old Oak deep candy wheel and little dog treats shaped as a bone (1.25 inches Nunn Brand). Complete waste of time and MY money. As someone mentioned before most vet clinics give free treats to the animals so that shoots your sales in the foot right off the bat. Overall dog grooming locations have never been good for me regardless of what I am vending. Vet clinics are ok for gumballs.
  6. Never had that issue. So the tabs are breaking off when you are unscrewing/screwing the globe on the hopper? Guess I've been lucky all these years. Either way I think he'll be fine especially if he is buying refurbs from Oak as they use new globes and panels for those.
  7. I recommend the 300. Used them for years with very few issues.
  8. One of my competitors made his own stand and yes it is as unsteady as it looks. I give him credit for ingenuity but I feel it loses points for poor aesthetics and stability. That said we've shared this location for some time and I have never found it on it's side or broken as if it had fallen over.
  9. Yes it does. In regards to the cardboard slug it would get caught by the washer dog and that prevented it from turning a full revolution. The cardboard slug was the same size as a quarter so it fit correctly into the coin carrier and didn't fall through. It will cause a jam 9 out of 10 times because the cardboard rolls up once it hits the washer dog.. It sucks because you lose sales due to the jam but ultimately they stop trying to use the cardboard. Lose a battle or two but hopefully win the war.
  10. I agree completely. If you have any personal assets at all they are at risk without proper insurance. Insurance is a normal expense when running a legitimate business. It's like the old saying goes....."It's better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it.".
  11. You're right to be honest when you talk to potential locations. Out of the gate tell them that a portion of the proceeds goes to the charity. If they ask for more info I tell them that I own a "for profit" vending business and I am partnering with said charity. I will use the the example that if I have 300 charity partnered locations then the charity gets $300.00 per month which equates to $3600.00 per year. I guarantee you that most small businesses don't get near that donation amount out of their own pocket and most will react positively even if they don't accept the machine. I will also give them the NCCS website address so they can see that it is all legitimate. Be confident and prepared when you go in. This is a good deal for the charity and the vendor that large corporations do all of the time. (Ex. A portion of all burger sales goes to said charity) If you appear nervous and don't have answers ready it may appear that you are not legitimate so be prepared.
  12. I had a problem in a pizza place with cardboard punch-outs from pizza boxes. I was surprised it worked on a Northwestern Triple Play but it did. It is a strong location so i didn't want to lose it or raise a fuss so I switched to Oak equipment and that stopped the problem.
  13. This is truly the formula for success in the honor box game. Always locating, pulling and re-locating and expanding. That is why Mr. Humphrey is tearing it up and maintaining such a great per box sales average. Goes to show what hard work and a great game plan can get you. Thanks for sharing your journey with all of us. I look forward to hearing about you hitting the next milestone!
  14. Oak told me 2 years ago that they won't manufacture new unless it is a very large order (north of 1000). Honestly the refurbs are great and the price is right. Lately I have bought from Eagle and have been very happy with their machines. Same price range as the Qak refurbs.
  15. Replace cracked globes. Again appearance is important especially when you are vending edible products.