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  1. cant find any machines for sale in my area

    Keep in mind that is alot of candy expense right out of the gate if you are using triples and are going for "mass placement" in say 1 month or less.
  2. A&A stands?

    The most economical thing is to find junk machines with good stands with on Craigslist. it takes time, patience and a little luck. If you can't wait then Google candy or gumball machine stands and research the results for the best deal. They ain't cheap and shipping hurts too. I assume you weren't happy with Eagle's prices?
  3. A&A stands?

    Don't worry she is legit. I have dealt with her several times. It is a struggle to communicate with her but she has always seemed to get things right.
  4. Northwestern carousel/mech not working

    Just a thought. Check the gear on the coin mech that actually turns the product wheel. There is usually a screw in the center of it that holds it in place. If it comes loose then the coin mech will spin but the coin mech gear won't turn thus the product wheel won't turn either resulting in no product coming out when you turn the mech.
  5. Vending 2 Gumballs

    As I said above, when a competitor plops a gumball machine next to mine I use them because most people will opt for 2 gumballs for .25 instead of my competitor's 1 gumball for .25. I will usually get the majority of gumball business at that location and it only costs me about 2.5 cents extra per vend so I am still making 20 cents per vend which is acceptable to me.
  6. What to do when questioned?

    There really aren't many questions to answer. Know your charity's mission like with the NCCS, it directly helps family's pay immediate expenses such as travel and lodging during a child's treatment, and that will take you a long way. I primarily self locate when I have time or use a in person guy and I can tell you that knowing the charity's mission has garnered alot of locations for me. If someone asks a basic question like "What does the charity do?" and you respond "Call the charity if you have questions" then that is a great way to A). Never get a foot in the door or B). Get shown the door if you are already in there. Please realize that I am not reciting the charity's financials for the last 5 years or rattling off the names of all of the board of directors. Just basic, simple answers that any reasonable business owner may ask in regards to the charity. I am guessing the telemarketers that Rodney uses probably have rudimentary info on their scripts that tell a little bit about what the charity does. if not I would be surprised. Like I said before I encourage people to call Shirley or go to the website if they want to verify what I tell them. At the end of the day I want to be knowledgeable and in control regarding every aspect of my business and that means knowing who I am partnering with on my charity accounts. It's been my experience that giving quick, confident answers on EVERYTHING helps obtain and retain commission and charity customers. That said, everyone has their own way of doing business and I say more power to them. I was just sharing thoughts that may help avoid confrontations like the one described at the beginning of this thread.
  7. Vending 2 Gumballs

    I use a double wheel when someone sits on me. As far as cost goes your paying .024 (Sam's) cents per gumball so if you double that you are still doing just fine on your margin.
  8. Clean these springs?

    Fastest way I found if you don't want to replace them are needle nose pliers and a wire brush wheel on your bench grinder. Make sure you have a good hold on them with the needle nose or they will fly. I have cleaned scores of old brushes up this way and it makes them look good as new. Of course you need to take it apart and do the springs individually but it takes less than 1 minute per spring. You can also clean those screw heads the same way.
  9. Make my business legal

    Check your state law on age as well. Your business description states you are 17 years old. Most states require you to be at least 18 years of age to legally form a company due to liability issues.
  10. Northwestern Corp

    It appears their website is down, http://www.eagleemc.com/ Here is their other contact info: Eagle EMC Co. Ofc: (909) 447-7866 2549 Sierra Way Dir. Line: (909) 447-7870 La Verne, CA. 91750 F: (909) 447-7873
  11. Northwestern Corp

    The refurbs from Oak are a great deal and if you can get them that is the way to go. I went with the Eagles because Oak was out of stock. The way I look at it you are talking about a marginal price difference for an equally good (brand new) machine. They are a great alternative to the Oak machine with parts are interchangeable (with Oak) and like the Oaks, will still be cranking long after I'm gone.
  12. Northwestern Corp

    Last one I bought was in Feb 2016. $2400.00 for 50 (pallet) plus shipping. Probably more now.
  13. Northwestern Corp

    Bought a pallet (50) of Eagles about two years ago and they are a great machine for the price.
  14. What to do when questioned?

    The business owners who allow me to place charity equipment in there stores really do have the right to question me on the authenticity of the charity I have partnered with and I welcome their questions. The key is to be prepared for questions. Educate yourself on the charity you use so if people ask questions you can confidently answer them accurately and succinctly. The problems start when you are not prepared. When you become evasive or act like you don't know what to say then people become suspicious. I have used the NCCS for years because they are a verifiable charity with a very good website that explains clearly what their mission is and how the money is spent. The NCCS states on their labels that they get a fee from the vendor regardless of sales and it is also clearly stated on their website. I explain to potential customers that the charity gets $1.00 per month per location regardless of sales. If they act like that isn't much I explain that the more machines (in this case boxes) I have out the better the charity does so if I have 500 machines/boxes out the NCCS gets $500.00 per month ($6000.00 per year) which is a very nice chunk of change for any charity. Most people understand that concept. This charity has helped me get into many corporate locations because I can fax or give them my contract, show proof that I pay the charity, give them the charity website and encourage them to call the charity to verify that I am in good standing with them. As far as I am concerned this is an excellent situation for all parties involved. Finally remember that as a charity operator we all have a responsibility to represent the charity in a positive manner. The last thing I want is for someone to think that the charity I am partnering with is not a legitimate organization because of something I said or did.
  15. Latest Haul

    That is a great deal! It is an awesome feeling when you land a deal like that. Congrats.