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Dixie Narco 501T


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I am sorta new to the vending business (5 locations)


I have a potential location coming up that needs a drink machine(125 employees) but the  location of the vending machine would be a outside location under a dry large covered area. It is completely dry.


I would like to put a Dixie Narco 501T there......Can a 501T be placed in a outside location?

(its in Ga which only receives cold weather 3-4 months out of the year - 30-40 degrees usually only at night) 


I see drink machines outside all the time...but was unsure If I had to have a special drink machine or not.


Also, how does any one get support for Dixie Narco?  Everytime I call they want to charge me $25 just to talk to me...I have called 3-4 times and NO one will talk to me unless I pay up front.


I guess I am so used to calling Royal Vendors and receive EXCELLENT Tech support from them...so I was totally shocked that Dixie will not help their own customers.


Thank You


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welcome to the forum!! 

No worries about the machine being outside (except for potential vandalism). The machines are insulated and the condensing motor puts off enough heat to keep all but the most northern coldest locations from freezing.


The Dixie customer service charge is just outrageous to me too. Get your tech support here on this forum!! there are a handful of guys who are EXCELLENT and are very willing to help and to even supply you with parts.

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Welcome to the forum delb101!  This is a magnificent place to get answers to your vending questions.  You can spend a few hours reading past posts in this forum and learn a lot about the business.  If you'd like, you can PM me for my information so you will have it if you need tech support in the future.  Asking questions here will also get you good answers, but if you are in front of a machine you may need to speak to someone at that moment, so you can have my number if you'd like.

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Most all D/N are designed for outside use. Unless it is a live display you will fine. 


Even a live display can go outside (generally) but the items in your live display will fade in direct sunlight and look absolutely crappy.


Just make sure that any machine going outside is level enough to allow the water to drain away from the door.  You don't want water draining around your board, bill acceptor, or coin mech.  Tilting it SLIGHTLY toward the back will prevent potential problems.

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the 501t is a monster , good machine outside, i have mine in an unattended laundromat

the beast has already survived afew break in attempts.


one thing make sure its not an MPC series board. if it is just go ahead and get yourself

a back up board now cause you will be replacing it soon enough.

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