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MEI Series 4000 Coin Changer


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Hey Guys I have a question regarding our vending machine, and more specifically our coin changers.


We run a vending company with mutiple locations and we use mainly Pepsi HVV machines as we have found they work the best for us (they are harder to track down, but we love them).


Anyways, we have two locations from a client that they produce brake rotar's for trucks. This facility produces a fine dust that gets on coin's and jam's up the MEI series 4000 sensor (2 flash error). We usually have to buy new one about every 1-2 years (we do clean them but it only last so long before it seems like cleaning doesn't work).


Our probblem is our supplier doesn't have anymore as they are discountinued.


So my question is does anyone know any special way that we can buy these (we need the ones with 3 quater tubes and a nickel tube) or is there a special way to clean them, or is there a different coin mech out there that is designed for dirty locations.


Thanks for the help in advance, as we ran a search but didn't find anything (also, this forum looks pretty good and we hope to enter this community and possibly help others).

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Welcome to the forum.  You have found a vending forum that is better than "pretty good."  I think you'll be impressed with the quality of the activity here.  Welcome, and feel free to chime in on any conversations.


If you are getting 2 years out of a VN4000 in a fine-dust location like that you are doing very well.  When you say you are buying new ones every year, are you actually purchasing brand new mechs?  Do you ever get your coin mechs repaired during the two year time frame or is the cleaning you do good enough to keep them running until you have to replace them? 


You are correct that this mech is long out of production, but if you have never simply rebuilt them that would be a great way to go and you could probably keep your mechs working for several years that way.  It would probably be a good idea to buy an extra rebuilt unit for a spare and then you can do a swap to keep the machine running while you send the bad coin mech off for repair.


If you need to exchange any problem coin mechs for MEI-rebuilt units you can PM me and I can ship you VN4000's with the 3 qtr/ 1 nick cassettes.  The only other coin mech I could recommend would be the MEI CF7512 which is a 5 tube coin mech, but if you are getting great performance from the VN4000's and if rebuilding them will solve your problem that might be what you want to do.


Let me know if I can help.

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