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Bulk Vending Locator Services for TVF!


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Ok, so we've come to notice that there is a real need for a locator on TVF. I've been on here for several months, helped a few members, and been helped. 

If you need help with your bulk charity machines or honor boxes, let us know. I put an add in the classified section with our contract. 

I will do all I can to help.


I have a bulk vending route of mostly Uturn's. I'm in the process of starting to go more Commission and racks. If you need help with your Uturn's and repairs, start a thread and let me know. I will answer it to the best of my ability. Threads are searchable and that way everyone benefits!


Any way's, just thought I would announce "officially" that we will help whoever needs it (currently only in the US).


Thank you!

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Depends on equipment. We have the breakdown on our contact, but I'll list it here. We're not cheap due to the fact that we're all here in the US!

65 for 4's and 8's, 55 for any under that, honor box 30, snack box is 35.

We don't currently locate racks. To many don't understand the size or other issues. That's Ann ata were working on.

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