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Looking for help with a USI 3-wide snack machine

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A few months ago I purchased 3 used USI machines and one was a 3-wide snack Model 3503 (I've attached a few pics).  This particular machine was setup for vending cigarettes (think candy) with all narrow columns.  I've found a location for it and need to convert at least 4 of the 6 shelves to a 3-wide chip/snack  setup.  I'm familiar with how to do this with AMS machines but not USI. 


I know I'm going to have to remove motors, order new coils and remove/move the column dividers.......



Thanks in advance for any help!!!





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It looks like somebody replaced the original shelves with the candy shelves.  Converting them will be a chore as you may find yourself drilling out all the spot welds on every other divider.  I'd consider selling this one in lieu of another machine that will meet your needs better.

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