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AP Snackshop II Problem


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I have a Snack Shop II Model 2099 with the following problem.  If I insert a bill, the machine works normally.  If I insert coins, the coins are accepted, but the display won't show the credit for about 10 seconds for each coin.  If you insert the coins after each is accepted (10 seconds), everything is fine.  If you insert the coins before the display shows the credit, the coin just falls through to the coin return.  What could be causing this?  The coin mech is Coinco, 24 volt, and the bill acceptor is a Coinco BA.



Orange, CA

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I tried 2 other coin mechs with no effect on the problem.  There is still a 10 second delay between dropping in the coin, and the credit showing up on the display.  Does anyone know where I can buy a control board for this AP model 2099 snack machine? Here are photos.


AP2099 Front 2.jpg

control bd.jpg

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