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Snack Machine Lights


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On 8/22/2017 at 3:23 PM, TenVend said:

We have a couple of the FSI 3130 and the 3132.  It looks to have like a 14" or so light at the top.  I m having problems finding the right size at Lowes.......Any suggestions.........Thanks

Do you still own and use your FSI 3132, I found bulbs at a semi repair shop my bother in law works for Kenworth and I showed him the bulb that belongs in my FSI 3132 and he said we use those exact bulbs to light up the sleeping quarters in trucks. 

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The F14 bulbs are becoming rare; I think they are out of production.  I have a ton of used F15 bulbs (about 16" pin to pin) that a local bottler gave away when they cleaned out their storage. Going to experiment with LED kits myself...

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