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Pepsi Vendo V721 HVV


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Have a Pepsi vendo v721 almost brand new. I called Pepsi for an answer but haven't heard back yet so will post here.

Pepsi cans are in column 1. Both buttons number 1 and 2 are assigned to column 1. The spacer underneath is pushed all the way forward. The depth is set to 4. Cans are obviously 4 deep in machine. 

First time I vend after closing door I get 2 cans. Next time 1 can. Next time 1 can. Next time no cans and get the selection unavailable on machine.

What am I missing?

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I knew what you were referring to but was clarifying what you meant when you said it was "pushed" all the way "forward."  I'm sorry but i have no idea.  It should work perfectly.  Is it just those two columns?  Dropping two would point toward a motor or drop sensor issue but dropping zero should point toward a motor being too slow.  Can you test either column individually?

Might seem dumb to ask, but did you pull out the plastic piece for the right rotor?  You didn't accidentally pull the slide out for the column next to the one in question?

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I am having a similar issue, machine was on location, working fine for over a year, now moved it to a new location, all settings are set to depth 4, but it shoots out 4 then 1, it's never done that before, when 4 cans drop it blocks up the whole machine, 4 cans cannot be removed without opening up the machine, when I look into the line after from underneath, I see 4 cans lined up again, do you think it could be the spacer? bc it did happen on more than one selection after the move. I will also be contacting vendo tomorrow to see what they will recommend, any help will help

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