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Cam settings to convert 501E from 20 oz bottles to 16.9 oz


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Hi, I need your help. I have 3 501E Dixie Narco machines that came set up for 20 oz bottles, but want to convert to 16.9 because the 20 oz bottles are a pain to get, and also their new locations do not want the 1.50 selling price on all of the available slots.

This is the problem I'm having: it will dispense two bottles at a time, and none on the next vend. 

The first thing that I did was to press the motor's brake so I could rotate it and remove the thin shims inside each selection. Then I had to remove the motors themselves to remove the rotors and insert the rods in the middle hole (the machine didn't have rods installed) and reassembled everything, this time using the thicker shims. I also checked the depth spacer location.

At that time, when I plugged the machine in, it went through the homing routine. The brown cams were in the hole marked 5 and I left them there, That's when the fun began.

When I got 2 (then none) bottles with each vend, after 4 cicles I tried the cam on the hole 2, then on 3, but always getting the same results.

Realizing that I was using skinnier Mountain Dew 16.9 bottles for testing, I switched to Coke bottles but nothing changed. 

I then tried changing the rod location to the first hole (the one closest to the edge of the rotor) and when using the cam hole 3, the Mountain Dew started dispensing one bottle at the time, but I wasn't able to replicate this on other rotors.

After a couple hours I got tired of messing with it, but need to get the machines to their new location later this week.

Do you guys see something that I'm missing?  Is there a step that I'm not doing? I would appreciate any help that you can provide.

If anything, I will get the machines in location selling cans and 20 oz bottles, but sure would prefer to sell the smaller bottles.

Also, what are the proper settings to sell 16 oz Monster cans? Can 12 oz Red Bull cans be sold from this machines? Sone people seem to prefer Red Bull over Monster.


Thank you all!

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Yes, the can shims are installed and the cams are at 2 notches.

You're probably right regarding the rotors. I'll check that tomorrow morning, since I am servicing my route today.

Thank you!

How about the Red Bull cans? I've heard that they're difficult to dispense, but many customers ask for it? 


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Never sold red bull. It requires a specific shim kit I believe. You could do the 16oz red bull, but they're a bit expensive. I'd stick to monster. Can shim, adjust the rear spacer and two notches for 2 deep cans

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Well, that (almost) worked! The rotors were installed 180 degrees from where they should be. All columns work fine with bottles, except with the Monster cans. 

Other than the depth spacer, I'm using the same settings for the cans than for the bottles, since the only difference is the height of the containers. 

I tried the cam settings 5, then 3, then 2 (2 notches on every one), but the machine still dispenses 2 cans at a time. Heck, I even tried rotating the rotor again, and it still dispenses two cans. Same if I tried with a different column (I was using #2, and tried with #8 and #9).

Any suggestions? Thanks a lot for your help.


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