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Frito-Lay 1.0oz bags going bye bye?

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Our local Sam's (southeast) was running low on all of there Frito-Lay 1.0oz 50 count boxes late last week.  Behind the last couple of 50 count boxes were new boxes.  The new boxes were 30 count boxes of 1.5oz bags.  The weren't variety boxes.  They were just the same item in a bigger bag.  We asked the product manager there to look into it. Today he let us know that Frito-Lay is going to try to discontinue the 1.0oz bag to push the bigger bag.  We stocked up on the last remaining 1.0oz bags.  


Has anyone seen this yet at other Sam's?  This will be a small headache as 60-70% of the bags we use are the 1.0 oz bags.  Hopefully the Sam's employee was incorrect.

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The 1 oz will likely continue to be sold at retail in the 54 ct variety packs and the grab bags you see at Walmart-too many price conscious moms looking for cheap treats to pack with lunches.

As for 1 oz bags in 50 ct cases of 1 flavor, maybe.

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