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AP SnackShop 113 Single row stopped Vending...!!!

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Hello all,

 With 5 months under my belt since buying my small route I've only had to deal with a blown bulb on my DN 5591. Although I underestimated the difficulty of swapping out a 48" bulb, with the help and advice I received here, it went smoothly. 

Today I encountered a new problem on a different machine. My AP Snackshop 113 has been having a problem with a certain row that decided to vend when it wants. Several times in the last month customers have told me they put their dollar in and nothing happens except the machine telling them to make another selection. With this in mind I test it every time I service the machine. A couple of times it only turned a half rotation leaving the chip bag partially vended. I didn't know how to electronically reset the row so I forced it by hand and tried to turn it so it looked right for the next vend. I'm sure I didn't help whatever has led up to it completely failing but I'm learning. 

When I opened the machine this morning and attempted to to fill the troubled row the entire spiral slid off onto the floor. So much for forcing the spiral against the motor. Apparently it had stopped working the day before as I was told but I attempted to stick the spiral back on to the tab from the motor. I was confident that I attached it securely and gave it a few pulls to be sure, it was on and seemed ok.  I loaded up the row and finished up the others as well and closed it up. I put my dollar in and tested the row, Nothing..., not even a little twich,  still not vending..I opened it up again checked to see if the spiral slipped off but it was firmly attached. I was afraid to pull the whole drawer out and check the motor from behind. I wasn't sure if I would be pulling wires off and making matters worse. Not to mention getting the drawer back on/in looked a little challenging for a first timer not familiar with alignment and wiring issues. 

Is there an easy way to troubleshoot this problem? I'm beginning to realize that that drawer will have to come out one way or another to really see whats going on. I tried to hear if the motor is working but the the machine will not vend with the door open. (OK, the veterans can stop laughing now) Then I realized there must be a service mode and tagged the row as temporarily out of order and left the battle for tomorrow. I'm about to start reading the manual I googled and found on DSVendinginc's  website. (Thank God for online manuals). I realize I'll have to go through the steps to pinpoint the reason for failure but theres no better knowledge base than first hand from the members here.

Thanks in advance for any advice/help.

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You've got to remove the shelf.   This is very easy. There are two levers on each side of the shelf. Then slide the shelf out then tilt up to remove from track. 

Check wiring to motors, cinnections and you can also switch shelves to test the motors. 

I have found that the shelf connector at the back of the ap 110 series sometimes loses connectivity with age.  To remedy this you can take a pair of needlenose pliers and ever-so-slightly twist the blades of the connectors to improve connection. Just remember it only needs a very, very, very slight twist. 

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If you know how to remove the tray, take it out and try wiping the brass pins on the back with a rag or maybe dry paper towel (try not to leave any obvious pieces) and get any tarnish off or as much as you can, then put the tray back in.

To remove most machines, you first want to flip the white locking tabs so they stay "unlocked" then pull the shelf out until it's almost all the way out, then begin to tilt the shelf up (rather than down) and you will eventually be able to pull the whole shelf out.  You have to do it at least once to figure it out, and you do it in reverse to put it back.  The hard part is just lining the wheels up your first time.  Don't force anything because that usually means you are doing something wrong or a wheel isn't lined up.  This might fix your problem.

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It could also be a mis-alignment of that connector caused by a loose roller on the shelf or one that lost it's nut.  If none of this fixes it and another shelf in this position doesn't work then you may have a damaged slot in the female connector behind the shelf.  This is caused by a pin pushing the female contact out of the fixed connector.  To see if this has happened take the shelf out and use a flashlight to look at each slot.  A good slot will show shiny metal on each side of each slot.  If a slot is missing one or both shiny sides then that slot is damaged and you have to rewire the connector and the shelf.

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