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Usi 3130 Card Reader


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Does anybody have a link or know what id need to add to a 3130 usi to be card capable? It has an mdb board ,bill, and coin taker but not super familiar with what a usi would need like an eprom or what not. Thanks!

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As AZVendor said, it won't give you cash data but you should see the card data.  As long as that's not an issue, all you have to do is figure out how you want to mount the swipe.  You can drill holes behind the coin mech somewhere (I haven't done that) or you can buy a 4-in-2 mask and a step down harness.

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InOne Technology has an upgrade controller for this machine. Part number RVCM-USI3100-1L. This will allow you to connect a card reader.

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