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Dn 501e double column issue


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I have a 501e double column here im trying to convert from bottles to cans. Ive shimmed it correctly (2 can on each side), set the cam to the 2 position, and made sure theres no play in the rotor and it still vends 1 perfectly then drops 2 then none at all. Kinda stumped at this point anything helps. 

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On 7/28/2019 at 9:32 AM, bullyfrog said:

Cans need 4 plastic shims each side.


Just a note, there are thicker 3/16” shins floating around out there, you only need 2 on each side for those. Not too terribly common but they do exist, especially in early machines.

But yes, it’s 4 per side for the newer more common thinner 3/32” thick shims.

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