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Wittern CB500 Door Assembly


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Hey, y’all long time no talk! Missed this place, but life has been busy (including a blow to the head that had me down for 9 months), but I’ve managed to maintain my small vending affair regardless.

So I got a call at work last Thursday that one of my Witterns had been vandalized. They took crowbars and tools to the thing but couldn’t get in (thanks Medaco), but left it messed up. The police nabbed ‘em in the act and I’m left to pick up the pieces and asses the value of the damage done.

Despite an hour out there with a full toolset, I’ve come to the conclusion I will need a new seal and door assembly if this thing is ever going to cool fully again. 

So my question is, is there anywhere I can find these parts online (simply for value assessment), or am i going to have to write the whole machine off as a loss? (In the great condition I kept it I could easily value it at $2500 or more without issue.)

Glad to be back, I’ve been meaning to swing by here for a while. Guess I waited too long and God went and gave me a reason. 😏

Appreciate any insight that can be given.

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Get the parts manual from Vendnet's website and look through it for all of the parts you need to replace.  Don't forget to include any brackets and miscellaneous pieces that hold things together.  Then you can put each part number into their search box at the top of the page and get the price for each part.

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