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Bill Validator Question


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34 minutes ago, gelaro said:

I have a snack machine with a CoinCo BA32SA Bill validator. Will any 24 V Bill Validator work as a replacement? 



We need the model number of the machine and possibly pictures of the front and inside (connections).  Otherwise, it's about impossible to answer


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1 hour ago, gelaro said:

I will have to look at it next time I am there. It is an AP LCM2 machine. 

The LCM can be setup to use MDB or 24v pulse/logic.  The coinco BA32SA also does both.  So now we really don't know what you need without seeing which connection it's using.  A MAG32SA is a direct replacement regardless, but I prefer mars.  A 24v mars will work but you need to know whether you need the standard 24v pulse harness or the MDB harness.  If you can tell us what coin mech is in it, we'd know what you need.  

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I finally got back to this  It has a 9 pin connector. I think the coin mech is a coin co but I forgot to check the model.

The light is blinking twice and it won't take bills. The coin mech works fine 


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That 9 pin connector means you aren't running MDB.  You can also see the red 24v sticker on the bottom of the picture indicating you probably have something like a coinco 9302-L.

Your cheapest option is to get a mars 2502 or 2512 with a 24v (not mdb!!) harness.  I think the LCM works best with a snack mask but I'm not sure.  A coinco mag32SA would also work but I believe the Mars is superior.

Another option is to get an inone board to replace yours, and get something nicer like a mars 2702/2712 (get the snack mask) with mdb harness.  That will cost you several hundreds of dollars but you'll be almost completely future proof aside from needing a better coin mech if you're getting a lot of big bills.

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