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DN 368/8 upgrade project

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I have DN 368 single price i am looking upgrade the machine without replacing it

i am looking for any vendors that may be scrapping out a 501E machine.  I am interested in the complete wiring harness including the Siid controller, Display, Selection membrane or the button wiring harness whichever is in the machine. 

If anyone is able to help it would be much appreciated

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I have done it to two of my other machines. I just need to complete this machine to get rid of my last single price machine

I have done it to a 501 MPC and a 320/8

here is the video for my 320

My 368 is in an apartment building and I want to upgrade to add credit cards without replacing the machine

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thank you Very Much darkinthepark

i will if i can find someone willing part with all the parts that i need. i don't let anyone tell me it can't be done

the circuit board that is holding the display i designed and had printed 

here is the video i made of the credit card install i did for my 501 MPC



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I respect that you don't let anyone tell you that something can't be done.  I scratch my head as to why that old vendor is worth that amount of time and expense.  Is it is in a basement location at the bottom of a slide and just easier to rebuild than replace?

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i am sorry i didn't mean to sound mean on that post.

the machine is a solid workhorse with a new cooling unit and moving the machine is a pain. meaning that to get the machine in or out of the building the front door of the machine must be removed. it is located in a retirement apartment complex.

the biggest thing is on the other 2 machines that i have converted i have only spent about $200 each to convert them I am just trying to find the parts i need to complete this final machine 

the nice thing is that i do not have to replace the vend motors or the sold out switches, or the selection buttons just the wiring, it saves me hundreds not having to replace the entire machine 

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1 hour ago, orsd said:

There’s a seller on eBay by the name of “beltfed34” that parts out 501Es. Shoot him a message, he may be able to help you with a complete wiring and electronics set.

I actually got my first set of wiring from him that I used on my first project. I recently reached out to him but he is out of machines to strip I will attempt to check again

he is a really nice guy

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58 minutes ago, Vendo Mike said:

Let me know if you need help on any Vendo equipment.  I live in CoSprings and visit Denver regularly,

thanks for the tip and if you come across any 501e being parted out down there i would be willing to drive down to you.

if i do come across all the parts that i need i will Definitely make a video of the entire conversion process

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