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Am I ready to test this new setup? AP 6600 Upgrades.

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I think I’m ready to test this machine for the first time (AP 6600 with upgraded InOne Board and MDB components) but of course I don’t want to cause an explosion 🤣 Can someone verify some things for me?

My primary question is, do I need that little cable extension? It's the picture and video that has the text in it. It seems like just an extension cable of some sorts but I want to make sure.

The other thing that I’m curious about is mainly orientation stuff like if I have certain wires oriented in the correct direction. But besides those things, I think I’m ready to test it. Everything is plugged in besides the cover. Cable management will come later if everything is working properly. The video is in the google drive link but the pictures are attached.

Bill Acceptor: VN 2512 U3, 24 volts

Coin Mech: CF 7512

Drive Link With Video: Drive Link






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This isn't an answer to your questions, but looking at your pictures I would recommend investing in a magazine with the door on the side for your bill validator. The one that you have on it in order to get the bills out you will have to pull the coinmech just to take the magazine off. I learned this the hard way. 

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That harness is for a 110 V bill acceotor. Since you have MDB pictured, yu will not be using that harness. Save it for another time or machine.  With the InOne board you have your choice of using MDB or the 110V Validator & coin mech.

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