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Payrange Bluecard?? Anyone tried it yet?


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6 hours ago, savend said:

I’ve been curious about them too. 5.95% is a pretty good take. Seems mutually beneficial though. 

I’ve got an email into the sales team. I’ll update with their response.

and a failed Nayax Amit telemeter they refuse to sell me a refurbed unit for. So it may be worth a try for me definitely.

btw Harry I did receive a follow up from payrange within the day. Even though the follow up was “please contact our sales staff”. It was a follow up.

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Nice looking unit.  I wonder if they decided to eat the cellular data charges to get the business.  5.25% is the cheapest swipe fee I have seen so far.....

I thought the Nayax Amit's were all 3G and gone, maybe that's why they won't sell you a discount unit. 



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