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I am new to this site and upon searching through the topics of Gaines 750-A combo vending machine, this is the thread that I was directed to. I have a question about this machine as I am also a owner of one of these machines.😕 Would anyone know why my dollar bill machine will not accept any dollars? The machine makes a noise when I first turn it on and it sounds like the Moyer is working fine. It’s also flashing with 2 red flashes and 1 purple flash at start up. I’m not sure what the problem could be. Help!!! 




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I would start by putting the lower track back into position.  Make sure you have at least a couple of inches of coins in the coin mech.  The machine has to know it can pay change before it will accept a dollar bill.  Most of the time, 2 flashes is "disabled from vendor" ( or something to that effect ).  This happens when the door is open, your coin mech is out of change and/or the machine has a credit and waiting to vend.

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This is my first machine and I’m just learning the business. This machine is actually making money. I have no complaints other than trying to figure out the dip switch settings. I now know that this machine is not the greatest thing but it’s all a learning experience for me.

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