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Bad day rant - hope yours went better...


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Yep. Here was my day....

Paid a couple movers to move machines back onto a newly acquired location after a remodel that has been mediocre to pretty ok. Lots of kids that love payrange. Anyway, They remodeled their break room and were worried about damage so I had to hire the pros without much notice. $350.00. Job done no damage. Best part of my day to say the least.

next I purchased a rebuilt mei cf-7000 series coin changer from my local supplier for another nearby location due to the original not giving quarters back. 5.00 purchase gives lots of quarters. I had lots of notes. It’s a busy location. Worked out good to stop there and swap it out after I paid the movers. Rebuilt changer $175ish.

halfway through my workday at my full time job. Yep that’s right. 26 vending machines and I also work full time. I got a phone call. Another machine wasn’t taking dollars. Now this machine is a soda machine in the shop area of a dealership so it’s a machine that does terrible but I need to maintain it to keep the ones in the main lobby which do very well. Luckily they don’t care that it came across on the mayflower as long as it works. Anyhow. Shot over there on my lunch break (skipped lunch.... normal) expecting a jammed bill like I have periodically in the past. Nope. Validator flashing I think 7. It’s a 117v coinco piece of junk. Which I don’t have any extras at home. Called my supplier. $100.00 for a rebuild. I’ll take it.

Ok. Swap the POS coinco with the rebuilt cf-7000. Test vend and it jackpots all the quarters out of one tube. F it seriously, now what honestly. It’s brand new for gosh sake!

so the cassette-? Had this clip thing break off the bottom. Yep of the newly rebuilt changer. I’m a problem solver so I reattached it and fill it with quarters. Fell off again. Seriously? Yep the bottom of the tube looks broken. Im bringing it back but they prob won’t deal with me and claim I broke it. So worse case scenario can the tube be changed and where can I get one? I have my backup MDB changer there for right now to keep the loc happy. But I hate being behind the 8-ball. Plus it’s only a 3 tube coinco and empty’s quarters fast.



meanwhile. Is this piece of $h1t worth sending in for rebuild? Or should I just get another rebuilt cf-7000 and hope no tubes are broken.



anyone ever have a day like this? I just got home about 6:30 from working 5:30 am to 3:30pm at my main job and then farting around with vending machines. Luckily my pretty wife had dinner and a beer ready and my silly border collie was there to greet me. Otherwise I was pretty close to going postal.

Normal tho. The 600.00 I spent today will wipe out majority of profit for this week. I’m used to working for free. I’m a taxpayer after all. Hope you all had a better day.



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Is this the tube I need? Looks like it.


I have a few things waiting to order with them to combine shipping.

Plus is it tough to reconfigure the cf-7000? It’s set up for one tube nickels and the rest quarters. Something tells me I’d go through lots of nickels.

should I change the broke tube to a dime or another nickel. That is if I can reconfigure it myself.

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The cassettes in the 7000 are easy to swap and program, but can be tough to find the ones you are looking for.  I have some extra cassettes if I can help out with one.  That is the right tube if you just want to fix the one  you have.

I probably would not fix the old quantum pro.  They are OK mechs but getting up in years (aren't we all). 

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As long as you have a pretty wife and dog that look at you like that when you get home at the end of the day, I'd call it a win overall.  During those days when everything seems to want to go wrong,  important to remember what we have and who we have to share it all with.  

CF7000 are fairly easy to set up and replace tubes.  Ask for a setup guide when you order the tube.  If you're dropping that many quarters at a time, you might consider going to a dollar coin slot or recycler to save on your time and wear and tear of the mech.


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