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  2. The MEI 4510 should be the MDB version of the 4000 series coin mechs. As such it will work with any other mdb peripherals- ie no need to swap it out. Do you know what an mdb connector looks like? If not it will be a 6 pin plug with 5 wires connected, and the unused pin/socket will have an angle on the ouside corner of the connector. For the most part all MDB devices can work with each other. There are later releases of the MDB protocol which add additional functionality, but are backward compatible with previous versions. I'm pretty sure this will not be a problem for you.
  3. Excuse all the noob questions but my USI CB700 currently has a coinco mag32SA bill validator and a Mars mei 4510 coin accecptor, so will any MDB validator work with my current coin accecptor or will i possibly have to change out coin accecptor too depending on which validator i deceide to use?
  4. You wrap the strap in and out of the lever assembly so it wraps over itself as you tighten the lever and this will put tension on it. It will take a couple of tries but you'll figure it out.
  5. Any MDB validator will work in it. The USI machines have a Coinco validator harness plug built in to the factory harness. If you need a validator for it you can email me at rbepic4gatgmaildotcom.
  6. What bill validators are compatible with the wittern usi cb700?
  7. Thanks. I like to try to make the refurbished ones look as new as I can. Maybe isn't cost effective, but you see some crappy machines at times, and I'd like to distinguish mine from those.
  8. Do they sell n.w. parts?
  9. Went and picked up an old dutro dolly today for 190, 1888 model, with the top strap. 30 some odd years old, still works perfectly! So, anyone know how to route the strap properly? Any pro tips? Thanks!
  10. I will buy the transformer, board, and some motors off of you, PM me
  11. If it's a 6600 XL, meaning the coils are the same length as the 7600, then you may want to take some of those. If I were to scrap one, I'd keep a few motors, useful sized spirals, the shims, mech and validator as well as the harness, and scrap the rest.
  12. About 75% of the 6600 sold were the 6600XL that were the same depth as the 7600 but narrower. The other 25% have shorter spirals that will not fit the 7600. The shelves and sometimes the spirals are the only different parts. Walta
  13. Is anyone renting out pool tables for special events or long term for certain venues? What are your rates? Long and short term rates.
  14. Yesterday
  15. We have had a relationship with RSA for a few years and receive checks from them quarterly. (in our case $350-$500) They will request your account numbers from Vistar, Coke, Dr Pepper, Pepsi and anywhere else you purchase product and you will get rebates from the bottlers, Mars, Hershey, Kraft etc. As a smaller vendor you will fall short of most rebates dealing direct so in my humble opinion RSA is a good deal for you.
  16. What if the Hokey Pokey really IS what its all about??
  17. My first post and new to the business... Anyone had any experience with the Titan machines from Gumball.com? I ordered a triple head and it is mostly metal except for the parts in the removable canister which are all plastic. They are half the cost of the NW Triples. I'm planning on going with Oak Vista single heads since they have refurbished for a good price. But I'm having trouble trying to find stands that aren't $100+ ea... Any help would be appreciated,
  18. Some do great and some only do okay. Put in a snack and a soda and feel it out. Make sure they are inside an air conditioned breakroom and monitor your sales closely. Don't let them force you to do anything else like food or coffee unless the soda and snacks together become your best location.
  19. I can't private msg (it is an accessibility issue) can the person who sells those coolers from "Save Your Yum," email me: jan.ahmed.bep@gmail.com Thanks!!!
  20. I’ve gone decades in my life without considering that Scooby is probably named after the snack, and not the other way around.
  21. Just got a trucking terminal requesting vending. Has anyone had success in Trucking terminals? Seems like they do ok because of the constant traffic, but I am reluctant.
  22. Gotcha. I thought that was going to be the case. Thanks guys.
  23. As lacanteen said, everything is interchangeable. Save all motors, spirals, control board, transformer, power box. The shelves are not wide enough but save the shelf roller if they are in good shape.
  24. Everything will interchange except for width differences such as doors, shelves. Slide out, harnesses everything is identical.
  25. I've got an AP 6600 that was vandalized awhile back that I'm going to pick some parts from and scrap. It's the only 6600 I have but I have a few 7600s. Any parts that will interchange? Motors maybe?
  26. Then you need to follow the wiring from the motor switch to the left side of the motor cover and inspect it closely for any damage because those fragile wires get caught on the cover there very easily. If no issue there then follow those same wires all the way to the logic board. Make sure that one of them hasn't pulled out of the board connector as that sometimes happens. The machine is jackpotting because it doesn't see the switch which means that one wire is open. The motor will run for about 8 seconds and then should trigger a "sold out" for that selection.
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