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Hello everyone. I just picked up two accounts that i am gonna place snack machines in and eventually drink machines if i like the locations. 

Can you guys please please give me some info on the machines and tell me if they are worth buying and which are the best buys?! THANK YOU IN ADVANCE  MY FRIENDS


Vending machine brand new. Everything works claims its like brand new  $500.00

Snack Vending Machineworks $400.00






Vending Machineasking $500.00 sure i can get it for $300.00




USI snack only vending machine   $100 everything works good except the bill validator (guy wants it out of his garage he says the bill validator could be just dusty) lol kind of doubt that. 


Vending machine - snack machine$600.00 i can probably get it for 400.00

everything works. 


1$300.00 Looks super clean everything works 




1400.00 everything works.





1$400.00 everything works. 






























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2 minutes ago, QuikVend said:

I think you're going at it a bit backwards. Drink machines are usually the way to start and adding a snack machine if the sales warrant it. Do you have any other machines on location? 

Its my buddys business and he already has a drink machine there that he refills himself. I just asked him if i can throw a snack machine in there aswell and he liked the idea. 

Any insight on the machines @QuikVend ?

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