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Squishie question


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7 hours ago, bhfisher said:

I don't know what a Squishie machine is but at $600 a pop, I'd say DON'T DO IT!!

is this it???

Squishy Vending Machine!

No. That isn’t it.  Go to Brand Vending’s website to see it. 

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Those are actually made in Korea.  Way over priced idea. But I do believe they give you enough product to pay for the machine? 

It would depend on a lot,  but to me it's way high and a biz op. 

I wouldn't do it. 

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The machine certainly looks like something Titan would make. Yikes, that doesn't bode well. :blink:

Exclusive territories? Biz-Op proposals? U-Turn lookalike machines? Quite the interesting move by Brand. I'll be curious to see how this one pans out.

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