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Could someone please photograph this specific bill validator for me?

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I bought a Futura 3589 combo machine on site, and the bill validator is set to the factory setting of accepting only $1 bills. I'd like to change it to accept $5, which involves toggling a switch on the side of the box. Unfortunately, while it's in the machine, there's no way to see the side of it, and I can't feel where exactly the switches are. I'm hoping that if I can find out exactly where the toggle switch is I can reach back with my hand and a tool to switch it without having to remove the whole unit. The online manuals I can find have pictures of the general "series", but not the specific model, and apparently there are differences in where the switches are located:

Conlux NBM-3110, Model F

This is a long shot, but if anyone has this specific model sitting around and can send me a photo of the side of it, I would really appreciate it! I think it's going to be on the right side when you're facing it inside the open door. It will probably have two switches, labeled "1" and "2". Thanks in advance!


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Located about 1/2 down the right side of the stacker if you're facing the rear of the DBV.  An 11/32" nut-driver or socket would allow you to remove the DBV and see what you're doing inside of about 1 minute.  It's not a chore to remove a DBV.

Switch #1 - set to off "inhibit" coupons

Switch #2 - set to on "accept" $5 bill.  

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Happy to help. While we should all know our limits, don't be afraid to get in there and wrench on you equipment a bit.  The more you know about your equipment, the better off you'll be.  Also, get familiar with the manuals for your payment systems.  Maintaining your coin, bill and card reader will keep your business going.  Ignoring dirt and trouble signs will lead to lost sales. 

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On 11/8/2021 at 4:47 PM, Erica Finstad said:

Wow...so supportive, AZVendor...Way to encourage people to participate and contribute to the site.

Thank you, Vendo Mike.


Don't get discouraged by AZVendor...he's like the Don Rickles of the group.  

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Good luck reaching around without inadvertently changing another switch setting and before you know it, it’s all messed up.

to think, in the 10 or 15 minutes it took to type a question and how to blindly flip a switch on your validator, you could have removed the 4 screws and had a straight shot at it.

btw, my 3589 with the conlux branded mei validator was already set up for 5’s from the factory. Did you do the tube fill function and insert enough change into the coin mech?

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