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Looking for AMS Sensit I board for AMS 3-VCF


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I am looking for a control board for a AMS 39 VCF food machine.  Dealers don't have any, but will be glad to sell the Sensit 3 upgrade!!  I was hoping somebody may have an AMS that they are parting out and would sell off the control board.  Let me know if anyone has one please.  Must have refrigeration/health guard on board.  


thanks in advance


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The only one I have is on location.  The other AMS machines are sensit 2 or newer.  Maybe call Shaffer Distributing in Columbus, Ohio and see if they might have what you're looking for.  They refurbish a lot of AMS

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1 hour ago, cvending said:

I tried them earlier. They told me the only place to find is in the used market. Thanks for the suggestion though

If I ever get my ams 1 refurbished, I'll have the board but I'm in no rush to drop 2k+ to get it all updated and refurbished just yet lol.

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